4 White puppiesWelcome to Hollywood Bulldogs, the proud breeders of MTV's Meaty and Ms. Beefy. We are pleased to be a top English bulldog breeder.  We can assure you that our breeding department breeds top quality English bulldogs by adhering strictly to the ENGLISH bulldog standard.

Painting of Meaty and Beefy in the nursery

Our kennels are kept immaculately clean and are staffed by trained full time kennel techs, who are experienced and dedicated.  The puppies are kept up to date with current shots. Each and every bulldog and their puppies are given the best individual love and attention.

We offer stud services as well as puppy placement. Though Meaty and Ms. Beefy are probably our most famous dogs, we have placed many other high quality bulldogs. Please, come on in and look around!!

Rob Dydrek's Meaty on a "Walk of fame" star

Rob's Ms. Beefy on a "Walk of Fame" star
Ms. Beefy

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